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    The following are prior results obtained by our firm.  Please remember that these past results are intended to help you in choosing the right law firm for you, and are not indicative of future results.

    Lee County jury trial for Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, client found Not Guilty.

    All charges abandoned by the state on four co-defendant clients charged with Cultivation of Marijuana and Marijuana

    Trafficking after winning extensive Motion to Suppress all evidence collected.

    Jury trial for DUI in Charlotte County, client found Not Guilty.

    Client arrested by Cape Coral Police for DUI, client found Not Guilty by jury.

    Collier County client charged with Sexual Battery, Kidnapping with Intent to Commit Felony and Battery. All counts dropped by the State after extensive evidence collecting and negotiations by our firm.

    Judge granted Motion of Acquittal during Jury Trial on ALL counts where client was charged with two counts Attempted First Degree Murder and one count Attempted Felony Murder in Charlotte County.

    Client charged With False Imprisonment and Battery, jury found client Not Guilty of all counts.

    Client charged with Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Sell, Possession of Controlled Substance, and Possession of Paraphernalia in Charlotte County had all charges and counts dismissed by State after depositions and investigation completed by our office.

    Voyeurism charges against Lee County Client dismissed.

    Client charged with Dealing in Stolen Property and Possession with Intent to Sell had all charges dropped against him after we won the Motion to Suppress all evidence.

    Lee County client charged with Child Abuse, after our office conducted further investigation, the State decided not to file charges against the client. All counts were abandoned.

    Jury Trial for Possession of More Than 20 Grams of Cannabis, client found Not Guilty.

    Collier County DUI, client found Not Guilty by jury.

    Jury Trial for Burglary of a Structure, client found Not Guilty.

    Jury Trial in Desoto County for Reckless Driving, client found Not Guilty.

    Charlotte County Jury Trial for Second Degree Arson of a Structure, client found Not Guilty.

    Lee County DUI with Property Damage and .224 breathalyzer result reduced to Reckless without suspension of driver’s license.

    Charlotte County client charged with Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon and Domestic Battery by Strangulation reduced prior to trial to Breach of Peace.

    Lee County Client charged with Capital Sexual Battery and Lewd and Lascivious behavior, all counts abandoned by the State of Florida.

    Charlotte County client arrested for Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Victim entered plea agreement withholding adjudication and sentencing the client to probation.

    Charlotte County client hired after being arrested for Lewd and Lascivious Molestation of a Victim 12-18 years old, charges were not filed by the State.

    Lee County client arrested for Armed Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling and Larceny between $300-$5000, charger were later not filed by the State.

    Sexual Assault charges dropped in Lee County by State of Florida after our firm conducted investigation and negotiated with the state.

    Criminal Mischief with Property Damage over $1000, a third degree felony, reduced to Breach of Peace second degree misdemeanor after negotiations.

    Lee County Felony Battery dismissed by the State of Florida.

    Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon charges against firm client dismissed by the State.

    Disorderly Intoxication and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer charges; all counts dismissed by the State.

    Client charged with Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Victim in Lee County, charges abandoned by the State.

    One Lee County client was charged with seven different counts of Second Degree Felony Grand Theft and sentenced to 5 year probation for all charges.

    All counts and charges dropped by the State for client charged with First Degree Armed Burglary, a punishable by life felony, and additional counts of Aggravated Battery and Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

    In Lee County, client charged with Cultivation of Cannabis and Possession of over 25 pounds of Marijuana – charges dismissed by the State after depositions and investigation completed by our office.

    Lee County DUI charges dropped against client.

    Client had DUI’s in Manatee County and Charlotte County which violated his probation in Sarasota County. Won Jury Trials in Manatee and Charlotte receiving Not Guilty verdicts. Subsequently VOP charges in Sarasota County were dismissed.

    First degree misdemeanor for Participation in Unlawful Race charges dropped by the State.

    Battery charges dismissed in Lee County. Charlotte County Petit Theft charges abandoned by the State after investigation conducted by our office.

    Client in Charlotte County charged with Exploiting the Elderly/Disabled, Communications Fraud, and Second Degree Grand Theft (all 2nd degree felonies) abandoned by the State of Florida. All counts and charges dropped.

    Charlotte County Trafficking in Cannabis, more than 25 pounds a first degree felony and Cultivation of Cannabis, a third degree felony abandoned by the state after negotiations with the State.

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